C.1 Examination of certificates and documents Rev.4
C.2.1 Guidelines for the Rectification and Detention Rev.2
C.2.2 Guidelines for the Use of Action Taken Codes Rev.4
C.3 Guidelines for completing inspection Forms Rev.4
C.4 Code of Good Practice Rev.1
C.5 Guidelines for the Responsibility Assessment of the RO Rev.2
C.6 Guidelines for the Detention Review Board Rev.6
C.7 Guidelines for Dealing with Intimidating or threatening Instances Rev.1
C.8 Guidelines for Checking the Structure of Bulk Carriers & Oil Tankers Rev.1
C.9 Guidance on Type of Inspections Rev.2
C.10 Guidance on Procedures for Operational Controls Rev.1
D. IMO/ILO Documents
D.1 IMO/ILO ratification
D.1.1 Table of Ratification of IMO Conventions Rev.13
D.1.2 Table of Ratification of ILO Conventions Rev.12
D.1.3 Table of exemption/equivalent arrangements
D.2 IMO/ILO Resolutions and Guidelines
D.2.1 IMO definitions of all type of ship
D.2.2 Procedures for Port State Control, 2021 (IMO Resolution A.1155(32)
D.2.3 IMO Res. A.744(18) as amended, Guidelines on the enhanced program of inspections during surveys of bulk carriers and oil tankers
D.2.4 IMO Res. A.1047(27) Principle of safe manning
D.2.5 IMO Res. A.897(21) revised specifications for the design, operation and control of crude oil washing systems (Res. A446(XI) as amended by Res.497(XII))
D.2.6 IMO/ILO Guidelines for the development of tables of seafarers’ shipboard working arrangements
D.2.7 IMO Res. A.1118(30) Guidelines on implementation of the ISM Code by Administration
D.2.8 IMO Res. A.494(XII) adopted on 19th November 1987 Revised interim scheme for tonnage measurement for certain ship
D.2.9 IMO Res. A.541(13) adopted on 17 November 1983 Interim scheme for tonnage measurement for certain ship
D.2.10 IMO MEPC.219(63) 2012 Guidelines for implementation of MARPOL Annex V
D.2.11 IMO Res. A.791(19) Application of the International Convention on Tonnage measurements of ships, 1969, to existing ships
D.2.12 Guidelines on methods for making reference to IMO and other instruments in IMO Conventions and other mandatory instruments
D.2.13 MSC-MEPC.5/Cir.6 on 6 August 2009. Guidelines on the timing of replacement of existing certificates
D.2.14 No longer in use
D.2.15 MSC/Circ. 1111 ISPS on 7th June 2004 Guidance relating to the implementation of SOLAS chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code
D.2.16 MEPC.1-Circ.834-Rev.1 Consolidated guidance for port reception facility providers and users
D.2.17 MSC-MEPC.3-Circ.4 Rev 1 Revised harmonized reporting procedures - Reports required under SOLAS regulations I-21 and XI-1/6, and MARPOL, articles 8 and 12
D.2.18 MSC-MEPC.5-Circ.8 - Unified Interpretation of The Application of Regulations Governed By The Building Contract Date, the Keel Laying Date and The Delivery Date for the Requirements of the SOLAS and MARPOL Conventions
D.2.19 MEPC.1/Circ. 640 on 4 November 2008. Interim guidance on the use of the oil record book
D.2.20 Information on authorizations given by administrations to recognized organizations Recognized Organizations >> Browse by Organization
D.2.21 List of certificates and documents required to be carried on board ships