E. Forms and Codes
E.1 Forms
E.1.1 Standard Report Form A Rev.2
E.1.2 Standard Report Form B Rev.2
E.1.3 Form for Report of Deficiencies Not Fully Rectified or Provisionally Repaired
E.1.4 Form for Report of Action Taken to the Notifying Authority
E.1.5 Sample Form “Notification of Detention of Ship”
E.1.6 Sample Form “Notification of Release of Ship”
E.2 Codes and convention references
E.2.1 Codes for Flag States Rev.8
E.2.2 Codes for Place of Inspections Rev.7
E.2.3 Codes for RO Rev.12
E.2.4 Codes for Nature of Deficiency Rev.12
E.2.5 Codes for Types of Ships Rev.4
E.2.6 Codes for Ship Certificates Rev.9
E.2.7 Codes for Action Taken Rev.14
E.2.8 References to Convention Regulations Rev.6
F. Addresses and contact details
F.1 Addresses of main and district offices of the participating maritime Authorities
F.2 Various bodies and organization Rev.6
F.3 Contact addresses of responsible national authorities: Flag State Contact point for PSC
F.4 MSC–MEPC/Cir.14 National Contact point for safety and pollution prevention
F.5 RO’s-IACS List of contacts for ISM and ISPS matters
G.Information exchange on inspections
G.1 BSIS Basic Document Rev.2
G.2 BSIS User Guide Rev.3
H. Definitions and Abbreviations Rev.5