Definition and Abbreviations Rev.4
A.1 BS MOU including 12th Amendment
A.2 List of Relevant Instruments, BS MOU text
B.1 SOLAS Convention
B.1.1 Guidelines for PSCO on the ISM Code Rev.10
B.1.2 Guidelines for PSCO's on Security aspects Rev.3
B.1.3 Guidelines for PSCO’s on GMDSS
B.1.4 Guidelines on inspecting lifeboat on-load release hooks
B.1.5 Guidelines on tanker damage stability
B.1.6 Guidelines for PSCO's on checking compliance with LRIT Rev.3
B.1.7 Guidelines for the PSCO on Electronic Charts Rev.2
B.1.8 Guidelines on checking VDR
B.1.9 Guidelines on Material Safety Data Sheets
B.1.10 Guidelines on Flag State Exemptions
B.1.11 Guidelines for PSCOs on checking ship hull structure condition on the basis of residual thickness measurements’ reports
B.1.12 Guidelines for PSCO’s checking ship’s hull thickness measurement on ships other than those covered by ESP & CAS Rev.1
B.2 MARPOL Convention
B.2.1 Guidelines Procedures for investigation under MARPOL
B.2.2 Guidelines on MARPOL Annex I Rev.3
B.2.3 Guidelines IMDG Code MARPOL Annex III Rev.1
B.2.4 Guidelines on MARPOL VI Rev.2
B.2.5 Guidelines for Crude Oil Washing
B.2.6 Guidelines on Unloading stripping and prewash operations under Annex II to MARPOL
B.3 International Load Line Convention
B.3.1 Guidelines for the PSCO on the ILLC Rev.1
B.4 STCW Convention
B.4.1 Guidelines STCW manning and qualifications Rev.2
B.5 Antifouling Conv. (AFS) / Bunker Conv.
B.5.1 Guidelines on the control of Anti-Fouling Systems on ships Rev.3
B.5.2 Guidelines Bunker Convention
B.6 ILO Conventions
B.6.1 Guidelines Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) Rev.4
B.6.2 Guidelines Hours of Work or Rest and fitness for duty
B.6.3 Guidelines for inspection on working and living conditions
B.7 Ballast Water Management Convention
B.7.1 Ballast Water Management Convention