Preliminary results of the CIC on MARPOL Annex VI

Port State Control Officers in the BS MOU region performed a joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on MARPOL ANNEX VI, in the period from 1 September to 30 November 2018. The campaign was conducted under the campaign coordination of the Republic of Turkey Maritime Administration. Paris and Tokyo MOUs guidelines and questionnaire were used.
During the campaign, a total of 781 inspections were carried out with the CIC questionnaire involving 781 individual ships. Of this quantity 55 ships were detained without detentions were being within the CIC scope.

A total of 139 questionnaires had at least a non-compliance to any of the requirements, resulting 17.8 per cent of CIC inspections. The overall average per cent of non-conformities was 6.62 which means that “unsatisfactory” answer was given to a question on 6.62 % of occasions.

PSCC20 Press Release

Burgas, Bulgaria – Representatives of the Port State Control Committee, the governing body under the Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control in the Black Sea Region (BS MOU), met in Burgas, Bulgaria, for the Twentieth session from 16 to 18 April 2019.

The meeting was chaired by Captain Dmytro PETRENKO - Head of the Maritime Administration of the Ukraine.

Mr. Petar KIROV - Chief Secretary of Bulgarian Maritime Administration made a welcome speech and officially declared the opening of the meeting. Mr. Kirov stressed the vital role of port State control for promotion of safer shipping and cleaner seas. He expressed that Bulgaria praised the great achievement and success of the BS MOU during the years. He reassured the full cooperation and continuous contribution from Bulgaria to the BS MOU.

Press Release CIC on MARPOL Annex VI

The member Authorities of the Black Sea Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control will start a concentrated inspection campaign on MARPOL Annex VI. The three-month campaign will start on 1st September, and end on 30th November 2018. The campaign shall be conducted simultaneously with the Paris MOU, Tokyo MOU and other MOUs.

Annual Report for 2017

We are pleased to present the seventeenth issue of the Annual Report on Port State Control in the Black Sea region which is published under the auspices of the Port State Control Committee of the Black Sea MOU.
Port State Control is of particular importance to the BS MOU member Authorities due to the role of shipping in region’s trade, the sensitivity of the Black Sea basin and its coastline to environmental damage. PSC inspections are conducted to ensure that foreign ships visiting the Black Sea ports are seaworthy, do not pose a pollution risk, provide a healthy and safe environment and comply with relevant international regulations and within the scope of the member Authorities’ national governing laws and regulations.

This PSC Annual report covers the period between 1st January and 31st December 2017. During this period the BS MOU member Authorities conducted a total of 5,112 inspections, representing 0.9 per cent increase as compared with 5,066 initial inspections in 2016. The regional inspection rate is 71.1% which is 1.3 per cent increase as compared with 2016. A total of 283 detentions were warranted to ships found with serious deficiencies. This represents a detention percentage of 5.54% which is 23.58 per cent increase as compared with 229 detentions in 2016.

Detention Appeal Procedure

  1. Section 3.14 of the BS MOU states that “the owner or the operator of a ship will have the right of appeal against a detention decision to higher administrative Authority or to the court of competent jurisdiction, according to the law in each country. However, an appeal shall not cause the detention to be suspended”.
  2. Owners or operators should be advised to use official national procedure according the national jurisdiction of the country where the detention order was issued, if they wish to appeal against a detention order.
  3. For Black Sea MoU member States the particulars necessary to submit a National appeal are listed below:

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