Annual Report for 2009

We are pleased to present the eights issue of the Annual Report on Port State Control in the Black Sea region which is published under the auspices of the Port State Control Committee of the Black Sea MOU. The annual report outlines recent activities on port State control in the Black Sea region, as well as international perspectives on port State control and includes the statistical port State inspection data conducted by the member Authorities of the BS MOU during the year 2009.

2009 was another active year for port State control in the Black Sea region; 4805 inspections carried out on foreign ships which resulted in 278 detentions. This represents a detention percentage of 5,79% which is a decrease of 0,58% when compared with the previous year’s detention percentage of 6,37%. The average number of deficiencies found per inspection is also decreased.

This result is likely to be the consequence of improvements made to our risk-based inspection targeting system, and also the result of the concentrated inspection campaigns which were running during the year. More information on both these areas is contained within the report.

The BS MOU member Authorities will persist with their efforts to eliminate the substandard element of the shipping industry, while working with those who seek to raise ship standards, to ensure the safety of seafarers and passengers and to protect the marine environment.